What are digital marketing tools and what is their effect?

What are digital marketing tools and what is their effect?

What are digital marketing tools and what is their effect?

What are digital marketing tools and what is their effect?

Marketing with digital marketing tools is essential for the fundamental progress of today’s businesses. People who work in the field of providing services and selling products, know how much the use of marketing with digital tools can improve their business situation. Considering that these tools are very diverse, in this article we intend to mention the most important of them. If you have a business, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of the article.

Familiarity with digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools are divided into different sections, each of which can be very effective in improving the status of businesses. In this section, we will refer to the most important digital marketing tools:

SEO tools

A large part of the activity of digital marketers is related to attracting customers through Google. There are many search engines, Google being the best. If you want to attract targeted customers through Google, it is better to familiarize yourself with the SEO tools of this search engine:

Google Search Console

Search Console is an efficient tool that can monitor and troubleshoot various websites in terms of statistics. Big businesses with Google Search Console can check what keywords users have searched for on the site. You can also see the rank of words through this tool.


Moz is another digital marketing tool that falls under the SEO category. This tool can be used for free and premium, with the help of which people can do some SEO tasks such as keyword research, checking backlinks, etc. The main Moz service is in premium mode.


Another digital marketing tool is Semrush, which is considered as Moz’s main competitor. This platform also has a series of practical tools through which the SEO status of the site can be well analyzed.


Another useful tool for analyzing SEO and attracting target customers is aherf. This platform, like Moz and Semrash, allows experts to examine their site and competitors from different aspects.


Yoast Seo

The Yoast plugin is specific to the WordPress content management system, where keywords, internal and external links can be checked on each page. This plugin is installed for free on the WordPress content management system.


The Lighthouse tool is perfect for SEO experts, as it allows them to easily monitor website performance and fix potential issues.

Schema testing tool

There are various digital marketing tools, one of the most useful of which is the schema test tool. Schema codes are codes that are used to mark up pages. Using this tool allows SEO experts to examine the inserted codes and make corrections if necessary.

Mobile friendly test tool

Mobile friendly is a practical tool that can be used to check the site’s responsiveness. Currently, mobile pages rank well in search engines. Today’s businesses should pay attention to the responsiveness of their website. To use this tool, it is enough to enter the address of the desired page so that possible problems and errors are visible.

E-mail marketing tools

Sending a newsletter is one of the ways to communicate with customers. In addition to newsletters, email marketing methods can also be easily used to retain existing customers. In the following, we will refer to the most important email marketing tools:


Mailchimp usage statistics show that this email system is excellent and efficient. During the day, about one billion emails are sent by people with the help of this tool. With MailChimp, you can easily send targeted and timed newsletters to your customers.


MailerLite service has a representative in Iran, and therefore different people and businesses can design and send automation emails, newsletters and other items to their customers.


The sender service has more limited features compared to the previous two services, but due to the simplicity of the user interface, it has attracted the attention of many users.


One of the domestic digital marketing tools is Nejva, which is useful for sending mass emails and push notifications. This tool allows users to review their message in a timed manner before final sending.


Website and visitor analysis tools

One of the most important tools to mention in digital marketing is digital analysis tools. In the analysis of the website, SEO experts can easily know the status of the site. Among the most important tools in this category, the following can be mentioned:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best website analysis tools that every webmaster should have enough information about. By using this tool, users’ behavior on the site can be easily analyzed. This tool shows the amount of input from different sources separately. Google Analytics is a completely free tool that is also offered as a premium with more features.

Google Tag Manager

You should note that Google Analytics is useless without Google Tag Manager. The tag manager acts as an intermediary between the site and the analytics tool, and by creating different tags, it allows the smallest possible changes to be transferred to the analytics.


This simple tool is placed in the category of digital marketing tools and is useful for monitoring users. By using this section, you can check the most clicked pages and words. Hotjar is very easy to work with, which is appreciated by webmasters.


The website ranking system or Alexa is an analysis service that causes website visits and competitor analysis. Those who have a website can use this tool to analyze their competitors.

Social media management and analysis tools

When different business owners want to analyze several social media at the same time, they should use social media analysis management tools:


When you have a business page on Instagram, you can use this tool to know the amount of real and fake page followers for advertising. The best way to check the Instagram social network is to check the progress indicators of a page, which can be done through this tool.


Ninjalitics is another practical tool for monitoring and statistics of Instagram page. This tool is available in two versions, free and premium, in which various information such as the number of followers, interaction rate, etc. can be seen in the free version.


It may be safe to say that HootSuite is one of the best digital marketing tools in the field of social media management. With the help of this tool, you can manage all kinds of social media such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. The main purpose of using this tool is automatic posting and monitoring.

Website speed test tools

When a website loads in a fraction of a second for the audience, it ranks higher in search engine visibility. Website speed can be checked through the following tools:


Gtmetrix is ​​one of the most famous tools in the digital world that is of interest to many webmasters. Using this tool, you can easily see a complete report of website page loading. This tool offers up to 20 free website speed report requests after initial registration.


Pingdom is another tool that is useful for measuring website speed. This tool has less data than GTMetrix and its reporting is simpler.

Click advertising and retargeting services

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC is an advertising method where you get paid for clicking on ads. Among digital marketing tools, these tools enable business owners to earn money indirectly from their customers:

Google Ads

Google Ads is considered as the most efficient click advertising service in the world. The reason this system works is because of its simplicity. The efficiency of Google Ads is much higher than other click advertising methods. The mentioned reasons have caused webmasters to use Google Ads for their click ads.


Yektanet is a domestic service that provides click ads. This system has three types of click ads, from which we can refer to matching ads, normal standard ads, and product campaigns.

Saba vision

Another digital marketing tool in the field of click advertising is Saba Vision. This company is a subsidiary of Saba Idea and has a good cooperation with Aparat streaming service. Saba Vision’s advertising system detects unrealistic visits and is known as an efficient system.

Link shortening tools

Long links are not suitable in terms of user experience, so SEO experts always try to use link shortening tools. The following are among the most important link shortening tools:


Bitly is a link shortening service that allows its users to optionally create 50 short links for free. This service has a premium section that users have to pay to use.


Yun is considered as an Iranian link shortening service that is free. The links created in this service can be easily encrypted. An expiration date can also be considered for the links created.

Support tools and online chat

When the relationship between business owners and customers increases, customer trust in the business increases too. The presence of support tools is a key solution to increase contact with customers, which is considered as a subset of digital marketing tools. Among the most important of these tools, the following can be mentioned:


Raychat is one of the online chat services with various features. This tool can be installed on the application and computer as a standard. Also, in the new update of Raychat, webmasters can also respond to customers through the Telegram bot

Project management tools

Project management in any business is not possible without using management tools. When you want to manage different projects as a business owner, it is better to use project management tools:


Trello is one of the digital marketing tools that falls under the category of project management. This tool allows people to create an unlimited number of boards. In each board, there is the ability to create columns and projects. The presence of each card in this tool means a representative of a task that needs to be done by people.


Tasculu is considered as the main competitor of Trello and has the basic features of this system. Compared to Trello, Taskulu has the ability to connect to fewer services, but with this tool, you can make video calls in the best way.

Keyword research tools

When people want to produce content in the best way, they must know the needs of their users. Knowing the key tools for website keyword research is important. The following are among the most important keyword research tools:

Google key word planner

Word Planner is part of Google Ads tools. Using this tool, you can easily extract keywords related to a business. This tool is free and provides many features to webmasters.

Google trends

Google Trend is another keyword research tool for Google. Using this tool, you can extract searched topics and phrases well. By default, this tool displays search terms based on location.

Reporting tools

Reporting is an important issue in a digital project that needs to be addressed. When traditional tools are used, people have to spend a lot of time to provide reports, when it is much more efficient to use digital reporting tools:

Google Data Studio

Data Studio is a new service of Google that is used to prepare all kinds of dynamic reports. SEO professionals always use this tool to provide daily reports. Data Studio has the ability to connect to various Google services such as Google Analytics.

Questionnaire and survey services

Finding survey questions and customer research is a time-consuming task that is easily possible with digital marketing tools. Among the services that provide questionnaires and surveys, the following can be mentioned:

Google form creator

Google’s form creator service is also one of the questionnaire and survey tools that can be used to create the best questionnaire and survey forms with a few simple clicks.

Summary of the article What are digital marketing tools and what is their effectiveness?

Digital marketing tools allow people and marketers to optimize their website and increase sales of company products significantly by creating appropriate campaigns. Also, using any of the tools mentioned in this article will help webmasters to achieve their marketing goals.

If you want to choose one of the practical digital marketing tools in each category, which one would you choose?

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