Designing and building an educational website

Hold all kinds of classes online without restrictions

During the last two years, due to the corona virus epidemic, online education has experienced a lot of growth and progress. Many users prefer online training to face-to-face training, and in many cases training in this format is even more useful than face-to-face. Therefore, whether you are an independent and freelance teacher or the owner of a school, you can count on our solutions and have an online software solution exactly according to your needs.


Why a custom-built online school?

Reducing the costs for you and the student

When there is no need to provide a physical place to hold classes, a large part of overhead costs is eliminated. On the other hand, your students will no longer have to bear the costs of commuting and... Therefore, it is possible to provide a professional, efficient and effective training without spending extra time and money for both parties.

Process improvement and revenue growth

Making the entire education process online and digital has one important consequence: more data. And meaningful data, if properly analyzed and used in a principled way, can transform your business. Data mining makes your prospects more accurate, your ads more targeted, and your training courses more efficient.

More control over the situation

With a powerful content management panel as well as a powerful panel for students, control of everything is in your hands. It doesn't matter if something unexpected happens or there is a change in schedule. Everything is quickly communicated to the students and you can also make desired changes at different points.

Why Elanus?

The online school has a lot of details in different sections, if you don't follow them, your online school will cause confusion for students and teachers instead of having a positive effect. Details like these that Elanus experts carefully consider:

• Building the main site according to the needs and interests of your students

• Development of a management panel for the main manager of the collection and mid-level managers

• Development of a dedicated panel for teachers to manage students and classes and track the status of each student

• Development of a dedicated panel for students to manage class schedule and history review and interaction with professors and even other students.

• Establishing a correct and fundamental infrastructure to work towards optimization for search engines