Online store design and implementation

Be the owner of your own store quickly and easily, with a reasonable budget! Be the owner of your own store quickly and easily, with a reasonable budget!


Why design a customized online store?

customized sales platform

Imagine owning a dedicated store instead of being in a crowded hall. Now you can design and adjust everything in this store according to your taste.

Your store is always open and Accessible

One of the features of having an online store is that you don't need to take care of your store all the time, but the customer can make his purchase at any hour of the day and night, and as soon as he makes the purchase,you will be notified of the purchase made through SMS.

Avoid wasting time and energy

Instead of constantly having to check the direct messages and being confused about the status of which customer's order and possibly damaging your brand, you can easily be informed of the status of each order and the general status with various SMS messages.

More credit

You might say to yourself, sales can be done through Instagram, so why should I create a website? But imagine that instead of searching through a lot of Instagram posts, sending messages and waiting, paying with troubles, and constantly following up with you, your customer can enter your website very easily and find the desired product and make the purchase right there. Finally, he can track the status of the goods through the same website. Undoubtedly, with a website, the customer will give your store much more credit.

Why Elanus?

Your project is just as important to us as other projects in Elanus. We assign the most appropriate team to your store to achieve the following:

• Accurate and correct needs assessment

• Accurate, technical and complete consultation for those who do not have information about the website and technical issues

• Complete training on working with the site, managing products, responding to comments and managing payments

• Support you after the job is done

• Building a site that suits your needs

Do you think your business will experience a positive change with the development of a customized store? Just request a consultation using the form below or contact our experts.