Optimization for search engines

Friendship with Google means opening a new gate to customers

Nowadays, there are hardly any people who do not quickly pick up their phone and go to the Google site with the smallest question. Anyone looking for a service or intending to buy a certain product also turns to Google.Therefore, if you think that your service is of high quality or you have a unique product, the main window to reach the target customer is Google; It means the most used search engine in the world.

Just before anything else, you need to prove to Google that you have a great service or a unique product. To do this, you need to speak the language of Google. This is also possible by optimizing the site for search engines or SEO.


Why SEO is the main need of every site

Lasting trust building

Even if the user looking for an answer isn't your customer, by getting their answer on your website, they'll build trust in your brand and become a potential customer.

Louder voice

In a world where there are many competitors in the market and the crowd prevents your voice from reaching the customer, you can take a powerful speaker and speak loudly to the customer. For this, you need to be on the first page of Google results.

Effective and efficient advertising

Instead of traditional one-sided advertising, you can be in front of the sight of audience in an organic way and become friends with the customer by bringing them profit. This means he looked for you; Not you; the one who looking for him. A customer who has been looking for a specific answer or product and found you.

Why Elanus?

The sensibility of SEO is very important

The sensitivity of SEO work is very high. Because Google is getting smarter every day and if it finds out that you may have used non-original methods (black SEO), it will blacklist you. Therefore, SEO is a long-term and sustainable marketing method. Getting to the first page of Google is also achieved with these things that Elanus experts target:

• Assess the overall position and condition of your website

• Optimization from various technical and non-technical aspects

• Producing targeted, unique and useful content

• Using other authorized methods in addition to content production

• Continuous and regular reporting