WordPress site design and implementation

Get a full-fledged website quickly and easily

In the last three years, the most popular site builder, namely WordPress, has made significant improvements, and a rich and professional community of programmers in the world are creating various plugins for this platform. Therefore, the possibilities that WordPress provides to website developers are unparalleled. Of course, if these facilities are used delicately and appropriately. Otherwise, a bulky and ineffective site may result. But is WordPress the right solution for you?


Why WordPress site design?

low cost

Due to the existence of numerous ready-made plugins, the optimal process that has been corrected and improved over the years, as a result of using WordPress has reduced the cost of building a website.

Control everything in your hands

If, as a business owner, you receive proper and complete training, the site content management will be in your hands and you will have a lot of freedom of action.

High speed of development

The clean and hassle-free process, the variety of tools and the strong technical community have increased the speed of building a website with WordPress. But this dizzying variety of tools and plug-ins can cause confusion and make the wrong choice, rework and losses.

Powerful SEO tools

One category of plugins that has made significant progress is content optimization tools for search engines. This means being seen in the first results of Google. Choosing the right tool and using it correctly, along with producing high-quality content, can lead you to this goal.

Why Elanus?

Many people think that with WordPress, there is no need for any kind of expertise in building a website and anyone can do it. In most cases, this thinking causes rework and financial loss. Because the result is a heavy, slow and inefficient site. Our experts at Elanos will take care of your WordPress website project with full attention to the following:

• Complete, multifaceted and detailed initial consultation

• Choosing the right plugins and using them correctly

• Considering all the things related to SEO that will be vitally needed in the future

• Support after obtaining your consent and publishing the website

• Unique and beautiful artistic design that is easy to use for users

• Using group experience, researching your customers and designing based on their needs