Mobile application programming and implementation

Why should you have your own application? Is it not possible to establish a website at a lower cost? Of course you can do that. But you should not expect the same performance from the site as compared to the app. In certain scenarios, having a custom-built application is a big advantage for a company. This app can be a custom-built online store, a special organizational application for company employees or an attractive mobile game.

But whether you need a custom-built app or not, it requires technical advice and detailed evaluation, for which Elanus experts are ready to answer. Just call us.


Why Mobile application programming and implementation?

Constant and direct communication with the customer

When your customers have the company's exclusive app installed on their phones, you can always inform them of important news through notifications and get their attention. In this way, in addition to increasing sales, your brand will remain familiar to your audience. You will never be forgotten!

Increasing the feeling of satisfaction and trust

If the custom-built app is presented at the right time and on the right platform, it will improve the image of your professionalism in the eyes of the customer, and at the same time, the customer will feel that you value him. Of course, provided that your app has a real use and is not presented just to say something.

reduction in costs

Due to the integration of all the features and tools of customer communication in a single platform, you no longer need to allocate funds for different needs. Especially since an app is designed and built with the specific needs and tastes of you and your organization..

Rapid scalability

It doesn't matter if you need a new feature or want to make changes to existing features; This will be done with a quick update.That too without the need for the user to do anything special or suffer the slightest trouble.

Why Elanus?

First of all, Elanos experts will determine with an initial consultation whether you need to create an app or if you can achieve your desired goal at a lower cost and without the need for an app. Then, if there is a need to develop the application, the following are all considered during the pre-production, production and post-production stages:

• Determining the most suitable platform and the best presentation time

• Development of a detailed route and map based on the employer's priorities

• Designing the appearance of the app and the user interface based on the study of user behavior and the use of the latest technologies

• The real efficiency and effectiveness of the app

• Running the app on different platforms and phones