Design and implementation of CRM and customer club software

Maintaining relationships with current customers and increasing future customers

Communication with customers is perhaps the most vital issue for business growth and expansion. On the other hand, in the interaction with existing customers and potential customers, a lot of data is obtained. But managing all that data and using it properly, without the right tools, is a daunting task. Customer relationship management or CRM software is available for this purpose.

Therefore, by being equipped with a good CRM software, you can see the retention of existing customers, the attraction of new customers and the expansion of your business.


Why design CRM and customer club software

Elanus, having the experience of continuous cooperation with various businesses and in order to help the processes of customer loyalty, has designed and implemented customer club software in the organizations of its contracting parties during the last five years. Also, due to the great demand of business owners, the customer club software with a new mechanism was released to the market for deployment in other collections.

Geranesh Customer Club software is a product of Elanus Creative Solutions Company, which can be developed and customized according to the needs of companies, marketing programs of online stores, and with the aim of increasing repeat purchases in physical stores.

Saving time

With a good CRM software, you no longer need to waste time manually entering information, sending multiple emails, and remembering tasks related to customers, because all these processes are automated.

Efficient data management

All the information of your customers and the interactions and communications with them are stored in an organized form in the CRM software, and you can easily analyze and review them by referring to this centralized information and exploring them. In this way, you no longer need to look for information about a specific customer or a group of customers that have something in common.

Strengthen team communication

Keeping team members in touch with customers and keeping all members informed of what is happening prevents rework, increases team efficiency, and avoids confusion among team members.

Better understanding of customers

By storing and maintaining customer information and how they interact with your business and products, you can get a better idea of customer needs, thereby improving customer service and increasing your credibility with customers.


Why Elanus?

To develop a good CRM software, a multidimensional team is needed. In the first place, artistic designers should design a good user interface for it, on the other hand, an expert programming team should develop a strong foundation for it, and in the last step, experienced managers and businessmen should scrutinize the needs using their experience. Elanus assigns such a team to your project so that all of the following items will be actualized:

• Effective software performance in reality and not just on paper

• Considering the possibility of software development and its scalability in the future

• Designing a smooth and simple process for the software so that all sales forces can manage their work without thinking too much

• Considering the security and level of access (considering that the company's critical data is stored in the software)

• Strong and continuous support, without the feeling of disruption and difficulty