Design and implementation of a custom-built website

Hold all kinds of classes online without restrictions

Sometimes the manager of a collection has something in mind for the website of his organization or company that cannot be implemented in ready-made platforms and requires the development of a custom-built platform. But is it worth it to build a custom-built website for you? How much does it cost to develop a custom-built website? Is there an alternative solution for you? All these things will be clarified in the initial consultation you will have with our experts.

Finally, if you decide to develop a custom-built website, Elanus will assign a team of technical and artistic experts to your project to achieve the desired result.


Why create a custom-built website?

Removal of any restrictions

Today, most companies use ready-made platforms or CMS to build their sites. In most cases, this solution is efficient and meets all the needs of the employer. But if you have an idea that cannot be implemented in the form of these platforms, you can remove all restrictions by developing a custom-built website.

Use the most suitable solution for you

To develop a custom-built website, your needs are specifically measured and listed, and based on these needs, the most appropriate software and hardware solutions are selected and used for you.

Creating distinction and uniqueness

Considering that most companies use ready-made templates for their website, developing a special platform for you will create differentiation between competitors and uniqueness in the sight of the customer.

Maximum flexibility

At any point along the way, if, according to the analyzes performed and the observation of user behavior, you come to the conclusion that changes should be made to the website, these changes will be designed and implemented; and It doesn't matter how basic they are.

Why Elanus?

What sets your website apart shows itself in the three stages of design, production and review. Elanus specialists give equal importance to all of the following in these three stages:

• Accurate and correct needs assessment

• Determining appropriate solutions and technologies based on needs

• Designing a full-fledged and user-friendly panel for website management

• Preparing a list of facilities and implementing each item according to the employer's wishes

• Ensuring the correct display of the website on different devices

• Complete and accurate website support